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Benny Wollin is a professional musician and teacher. He tried building his music studio through word of mouth, and made some progress, but things stalled out. His first year, he probably had 2/3 student capacity, and while that was enough to get started, it wasn't what he hoped for.

Then one day we connected with Benny and put together a new strategy and set up a new ad platform for him. Now six months later, he's reached nearly 5x his total investment.

The ROI is excellent, but what is truly exciting is his return on time. He spent very little time up front working with us to start the new campaign. He spends less than one hour a month working with us to maintain it. And now he saves weeks every year trying to promote and grow his studio.

Unlike many others in his field, Benny wasn't just a part time piano teacher. He'd studied at conservatory, with the aim of building a successful music studio and performance career, and not merely a side hobby with earning potential. The differences between his studio and your normal teacher are tremendous. Students don't just go to learn chopsticks, Bach, and how to impress grandma.

They go, get immersed, and learn musicianship:
Group lessons; customized assignments; huge, collaborative student projects; listening & video learning; music history; filmed performances.

If Benny were doing this near an ivy league neighborhood, he might charge each student $400 per month for the amount they get out of it.

But putting so much into the studio left him little time to grow. He wanted to grow, and so before the beginning of each new semester, he'd hustle about, designing and hanging fliers around the city, asking students for referrals, and trying to make time to come up with a new way to get students.

His efforts produced, essentially, nothing.

That was when Benny connected with us, and if you've read this far, you've seen the results.

What if you could duplicate these results for yourself?

My company Beeline exists to serve you, so that you can become the most attractive business in your niche and customers head directly your way.

I've created this free guide - titled The “Ultimate” “Local” Business Marketing Cheat Sheet - to serve you. I added parenthesis: “Ultimate” as it's probably not even penultimate. “Local” because the strategies I'm sharing are not just for local businesses.

Here's what you will get for downloading it:

  • The key strategies we used to help Benny's studio grow
  • Four essential things that your customers are looking for in the middle of the buying-decision process, and what you need to do so that they buy from or hire you
  • The five biggest mistakes people make when marketing products/services online
  • One key method to turn online website visitors into new clients

So go download the cheat sheet now.

Do you want to spend LESS time hustling for the next customer, and MORE time on the things that you love, whether that's helping clients or building new products, or gasp – taking a vacation?

Do you want simple, actionable, EFFECTIVE strategies that you can use without having to invest time and money into an entire marketing education?

Do you want to start investing in marketing in a way you are CONFIDENT will bring you an ROI from the beginning, rather than through months or years of trial and error?

Do you want an edge on your competition, who is still paying way too much for ads that aren't measurable, is still trying to promote their business by telling people to “like their page on Facebook?”, or who is using the has-been strategy for Google Adwords that worked for a decade, but now only helps Google fill its coffers?

If you said yes to any of these, download the cheat sheet now.

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