He will under promise and over deliver. He’s been doing that consistently in my business for many years.Bernard Wagner

You need to try to work with Chris because once you start to work with [him], it’s very difficult to go back…Roberto Rinaldini

Roberto Rinaldini

Gregor Vogrin

I definitely recommend working with Chris . . . A few of my clients who have a need for his services are working with him already.Gregor Vogrin

Chris has provided great answers to help grow my understanding, as well as our scope and our reach.Jen McLain

I am the owner of MGL Avionics in Torrance, California. We sell advanced electronic flight instrument systems for experimental and sport aircraft.

Chris knows our needs and concerns, and takes them as his own concerns. Once we started to work with him he always kept an eye on our account, and took the initiative to communicate with us first, helping us make good decisions. For this I would say he is very dependable.

Chris introduced us to new tools, told us the pros and cons about them, and helped us implement them into our business. These tools helped us to protect our profit margins by up to 50%. I was hesitant at first to try something new, but he took the time to consider our needs and tell us about things that would genuinely help our business. He reduced our anxiety level and helped us focus on serving our own customers.

If you are a company considering Chris’ work . . .
look no further. He has your interests at heart.
You will enjoy working with him.

Matt Liknaitzky

I’m am the owner & orthodontist at Saddle Creek Orthodontics in Germantown & Collierville, TN.

Chris did an audit of our Adwords account and came back to us with very useful ideas for improvement. His audit didn’t just provide some nice marketing theory, but gave us next steps to put into action. He helped us see some mistakes that would have cost us a lot of money, and made some suggestions for long term strategy as well.

I would work with him again!Dr. Kyle Fagala

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